Fun Facts To Know About Demolition Projects

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Fun Facts To Know About Demolition Projects

Demolition projects often seem like a whole lot of fun. We all have those frustrating days where you just want to take a sledgehammer and thunder against a wall until you can see shards of concrete fly all over. It is fascinating to see large buildings collapse into heaps of junk and columns of smoke and dust. It is also interesting to see residential homes as they are being stripped apart the way you would strip and break up a Lego block building. 

There certainly are a lot of things to like or find fascinating about demolition and in this guide, we are going to take a look at some fun facts regarding this challenging job.

Demolition Work Isn’t As Fun As It Looks

The idea of tearing down a large wall with a sledgehammer is always exciting – until you have to lift that big hammer and pound against a piece of concrete while the recoil of the blow ripples through your arms and shoulders. Demolition work is a lot tougher than it seems and most of the work associated with these projects is tedious and, well, a bit boring, to be honest. This is because the biggest part of demolition work is cleaning. Stripping and tearing down the building is just a small portion of the work. Most of the work involves cleaning the site and sweeping up chunks of leftover debris.

There Are Different Types Of Demolition Methods

The wrecking ball method is one of the most renowned demolition methods because that gigantic ball of iron served as a major source of entertainment in many movies and TV shows for a long time. There are however many different methods that can be used to tear down old buildings.

The crane & ball method might be popular but is hardly used in these modern times. Instead, Contractors prefer selective demolition, implosion demolition, high-reach arm demolition, and deconstruction. 

Deconstruction Is The Best Demolition Method

Deconstruction isn’t the quickest way to go about tearing down and demolishing a building but it is the best method. Deconstruction involves gradually deconstructing the building piece by piece without damaging components that can be reused. This is a more eco-friendly solution since old building materials are repurposed in other buildings and neighbours don’t have to deal with as much dust. 

Less Than 1% Of Buildings Are Exploded

Implosion demolition isn’t’ something that is seen too often. In fact, only about 1% of buildings today are demolished by the implosion of the old building. This is because using explosives can be so risky. A lot of calculations, careful planning, and site maintenance must be done before a building can be imploded. Implosions also cause a lot of dust and loud noises that will disturb your neighborhood. Since alternative methods are cleaner, quieter, and safer, most people seem to prefer these other methods over dangerous implosions. 

Just About All Waste Materials Can Be Recycled.

This might surprise you but most of the materials that come from old buildings are repurposed and used for different buildings. It is believed that about 75% of all materials from recycling projects are recyclable and can be used in new buildings and structures. 

It Takes About One Week To Demolish A Home

It usually takes about 7 days to fully demolish and clear an old house from a site. Rebuilding a new home will, of course, take much longer but this 7-day time frame gives you a good idea of what to plan or expect from your project. 

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