Asbestos Removal Melbourne


Asbestos Removal Melbourne

Asbestos can be a serious health concern in your residential building and is unfortunately all too common in houses built before the 21st century. Chances are, if you are tearing down or renovating an older structure, you will come across this nasty surprise.

Victorian law specifies that any demolition or construction job on residential property requires you to identify cases of asbestos that may be disturbed or further distributed during any building or construction services. As well as dangerous, asbestos can be expensive to get rid of, depending how much you find.

In order to get the best results from your asbestos removal, making sure that there are no traces left and that the property is safe to work on, you need an experienced asbestos removalist that is qualified and thorough.

For the peace of mind that you deserve, make sure you go with Melbourne’s Most Experienced Asbestos Removal Specialists for any Melbourne asbestos disposal and site decontamination services you need.

Melbourne Asbestos Removal Specialists

As Australia was once one of the highest consumers of asbestos per capita, with a long history of asbestos use, it is commonly found in many older buildings across the country — especially in Victoria and Melbourne. Asbestos removal and disposal is an important part of the building process; if you plan to renovate or demolish any or all parts of your Melbourne home, you should have an asbestos inspection to identify if there is any asbestos materials in need of disposal or management.

Armstrong Demolition has quickly become a go-to for asbestos removal in Melbourne. We are certified by the EPA and WorkSafe Victoria for safe and efficient asbestos removal, and our team can easily take care of all asbestos removal homeowners or builders need.

To make sure that your asbestos site decontamination is effective and that all the asbestos is managed or fully and properly disposed of, you want the local experts in asbestos removal Melbourne has come to trust.

The team behind our Melbourne Asbestos Removal Services will ensure that your asbestos removal is carried out thoroughly and to the highest quality and safety standards. Each member undergoes extensive training and qualifications, so that we can continue to provide you with the excellent asbestos removals Melbourne homeowners and builders deserve.


Asbestos Removal Melbourne Homeowners and Builders can depend on

Nothing can derail a building or construction project like the discovery of large amounts of asbestos materials on your property. We can make sure that the disposal of any asbestos that may be lingering on your property or hidden inside the structures is carried out quickly and safely, saving you money and letting you get back to work faster. 

We take all concerns away from your asbestos removal. Asbestos can be dangerous, yes, but when handled by a team with the experience and proper training, it can be minimised to a quick blip on your radar.

We offer the best expertise and service for your asbestos removal — Melbourne asbestos removal has never been simpler.

What types of asbestos removal can Armstrong Demolition perform?

We are fully licensed by WorkSafe Victoria to carry out both Class A (friable) and Class B (non friable) asbestos removals. Don’t know the difference? We do, and we’ve broken down the types of asbestos for you below:

Class A

Class A includes friable asbestos, non friable asbestos, and asbestos-contaminated dust. The most dangerous to get rid of, this kind of asbestos is disturbed easily, meaning that it can easily be breathed in or put in contact with human skin.

Friable asbestos, with just a little pressure from your hand or a piece of equipment, can turn dangerous quickly, releasing fibres of asbestos into the air.


Class B

Class B asbestos is dubbed ‘non friable’ as it has been bonded with some other sort of material or sealed inside something like plastic or cement. This means that there is a far smaller chance of disturbing the asbestos, making the removal and disposal far simpler.

Non friable asbestos may not be threatening to your project; however, without an asbestos removal expert, it can be difficult to determine whether the asbestos on your Melbourne fits the bill, or whether there is more asbestos lurking around in other building materials.

Whatever the kind of asbestos you have, it is best to get an expert asbestos removalist team to perform a thorough check and removal.

Asbestos Removal Melbourne clients trust. Find out more about our Asbestos Removal Services today by talking to one of our experts on 0452 555 666 to get a free quote!

When should you have an asbestos inspection or disposal?

If you are starting a new residential or commercial building project, it is essential that you organise an inspection pre-renovation or pre-demolition. With our premier demolition services, Armstrong Demolition also offers comprehensive asbestos removal — Melbourne asbestos removal made simple.

While Class A asbestos should absolutely be removed, Class B asbestos can be managed as long as it is not disturbed.

Commercial Asbestos Removalists Melbourne

Need an Experienced Asbestos Removalist for your commercial property? We not only offer asbestos removal for our residential clients, but have the certification, equipment and experience to tackle any commercial asbestos removal required for your project.

Armstrong Demolition are the Melbourne Asbestos Removal Experts you can always rely on. Our Melbourne Asbestos Removalist team is ready to tackle any project you have!

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Armstrong Demolition are the experts in residential demolition, excavation and asbestos removal. Our team is always committed to providing you with the best services possible for your asbestos removal, so that you can get back to work safely.

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