Deconstruction Vs Mechanical Demolition

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Deconstruction Vs Mechanical Demolition

Older buildings often need to be demolished and cleared from a site to make way for modern buildings that accommodates modern lifestyles and businesses better. There are quite a few different ways to go about demolishing projects but the current two most popular methods are deconstruction and mechanical demolition.

Before you start out on your renovation project, it is best to take a closer look at the main differences between these two methods so you can find the most suitable solution.

The Main Difference Between Mechanical Demolition And Deconstruction

Both deconstruction and mechanical demolition has one main goal in mind and that is to tear down the entire building to make way for a new structure. The same tools and equipment can also be used on-site for both of these projects. 

The biggest difference between mechanical demolition and deconstruction is the main objective. With mechanical demolition, the main goal is to simply tear down the building as quickly as possible. With deconstruction, the main goal is also to tear down the structure but there is an added goal to salvage as much of the old structure as possible. 

So What Is Mechanical Demolition And What Is Deconstruction

Mechanical demolition, simply put, involves the use of machinery like excavators and bobcats that are used to tear down large buildings in as little time as possible. The machines will instantly dive in and tear down large chunks of buildings without attempting to salvage much – if anything at all. 

With deconstruction, some mechanical equipment can also be used for tearing down the building. But an entirely different approach is followed. Instead of simply diving in and breaking down the building, teams will first enter the property and start stripping out anything that can be repurposed. Building accessories like ceiling panels, wall panels, doors, door frames, window frames, closets, electrical wiring, plumbing, curtain rods, and even bathtubs and basins are carefully removed so these items can be reused in new constructions.

Other Differences Between These Methods

The main objective isn’t the only difference between deconstruction and total demolition. These projects tend to vary in other ways as well like the following.

Duration – It takes a lot longer to carefully dismantle a building than it does to simply dive in and tear a building apart with the help of heavy-duty machinery. The extended duration is something you should definitely keep in mind when you are choosing between these two methods.

Cost – Deconstruction can be a bit more expensive because it is a lot of hard work to carefully strip out the building before demolishing it. On the other hand, many property owners do save quite a bit of money by repurposing or recycling some of the older materials. 

Environmental impact – Deconstruction is a much greener and more eco-friendly demolition method. This is because much more of the old building is repurposed and less is wasted. Deconstruction causes less land pollution and reduces our demand for new natural resources. 

Expertise – A lot more expertise is required for carefully dismounting a building while simply demolishing it is pretty easy. Both of these projects do require a lot of skill and finesse since complex machinery is also used for mechanical demolition. For deconstruction, the project does, however, have to be planned out a lot more carefully. 

If you want to get your property cleared from the site and are not sure about which of these methods to choose, or you need excavation service in Melbourne then you can give Armstrong Demolition a call. These professionals will inspect the property, give you a full quote on either method, and will advise you on the right route to take so you can enjoy the best possible outcome for your renovation project.